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About Us:

TSNStudios specializes in simulating and creating ultra realistic demolition visual effects.  Whenever your project requires realistic material separation due to blast, impact, seismic, cracking, collapse, demolition, or other cataclysmic effects, you’ll find our simulations fill the gap between virtual and real. 

We leverage our proprietary Extreme Loading® technology originally developed for homeland defense applications by our parent company, Applied Science International (ASI). Extreme Loading® simulates material separation automatically, with engineered accuracy and realism that can be easily controlled to achieve a heightened effect; all of this while drastically reducing the stress and control these scenes have on the creative process.

Most of the simulations on our site took anywhere from a few hours to a few days to generate, giving us the ability to create iterative designs until we have what we’re looking for.  Our simulation output exports to most 3D packages and can be used for demolition previz through final cut. 

When faced with the high creative cost of faking it or the use of live demolition, our simulations offer the production team both CG and live-action options prior to dedicating significant time and resources during preproduction planning.  If you have a project where time is of the essence, contact us for more info.

Is this Extreme Loading® technology available for use by animators or studios?

Extreme Loading® technology is currently a proprietary tool used exclusively by TSNStudios.  However if your project or studio is interested in working this technology into your VFX production pipeline we will be happy to assist you in evaluating a partnership.


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