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Wine Bottle

What happens when a bullet meets a wine bottle?


Chad Chase v.4

A projectile impacts a cinderblock column with steel reinforcement, and is deflected.


Lab Wall Man 02

Two simulations in one, rendered in a popular 3D software: 1. A cushion shaped eight-node impacts a concrete and brick wall and goes through the wall. 2. At the same time a gingerbread man shaped eight-node impacts a concrete and brick wall and bounces back, leaving a distinct impression in the wall. See the original simulation here:


Lighthouse 01

This is an impact with the collision object omitted.


Power Lines 01

Some power lines have a most unfortunate encounter.


Chariot 01

A Chariot crashes into a knee wall.


Chad Chase v.3

A projectile obliterates a cinderblock column with steel reinforcement.


Building Assault

A building is assaulted by a laser beam, collapse occurs. This effect was achieved by striking a cylinder with a stone. It looks like a blast, but is really an impact, demonstrating the ability animators have to "trick" and control the system in order to achieve the desired effect.


Crate Crush 01

One of many... enjoy.


Chad's Room 01 Rendered

Three meteors impact a glass window and adjoining walls... chaos ensues.


Airport Tower

The RDU tower collapses.


Wall Slam 01

A concrete and brick wall is smashed by an unbreakable block. We anticipated replacing the unbreakable block with a superhero character; however keeping the block in the scene looked amazing in its own right.


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