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News Room: TSN Studios Press Release Date: 3/1/2008 12:00:00 AM


TSN Studios Announces Demolition Visual Effects Capability Using Extreme Loading® Technology


“TSN Studios announces new Demolition Visual Effects service to the film production, entertainment and gaming industries as the first studio to use Applied Science International’s advanced engineered Extreme Loading®  technology.”


Raleigh, NC, March 2008 – TSN Studios (TSNS), a subsidiary of The Steel Network, Inc., is proud to announce the opening of its service to the film production, entertainment and gaming industries.  TSNS uses the advanced Extreme Loading® technology developed by its sister company, Applied Science International (ASI) to create a new level of visual effects realism not known before on the big screen.


Extreme Loading® is a ground breaking technology that was developed for engineers to analyze and simulate material separation during all stages of structural collapse.  Using this technology, TSNS has the capability to produce unprecedented visuals of structural collapse and material separation closer to reality than any other cinematography technology in use today.


Edward diGirolamo, CEO of TSNS, explained, “We have taken this technology to the field, met with the experts in the film and gaming industry, the ones that make it all happen.  And we recognize the overwhelming demand for improved realism in the next blockbuster hit, be it the next movie, game or Super Bowl commercial.  We have developed the tools to make a noticeable difference (with engineering accuracy) in everything from 3D previsualization to animation nearer to reality than what leading edge tools produce today.”


TSNS announced their grand opening and plans to host a contest for animators skilled in Maya, 3DMax and other rendering and animation software.


“The data we provide is now available for use by the industry’s most popular rendering and animation tools, but the real story is in the significant time savings normally spent on a project where visual effects can be substituted for a live demolition.   We estimate that projects that normally take months can be accomplished in weeks or even days.  Given the same time frame, TSNS can produce more options for the visual effects team to choose from, from previz and story board to final cut,” commented diGirolamo.


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