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News Room: Criss Angel Mindfreak: Building Implosion Escape Date: 7/24/2008 12:00:00 AM

July 24, 2008. RALEIGH, NC.  Extreme Loading® technology makes its international television debut on the Criss Angel Mindfreak show in an episode called “Building Implosion Escape” that is set to air live on A&E, July 30th at 10 PM Eastern (9:00PM Central) and rebroadcast on July 31st at 2:00AM ET (1:00 AM CT) .  

In this episode Criss Angel will attempt to escape from the nine-story Spyglass Resort building outside Miami as it is being imploded by a team from Advanced Explosives Demolition, Inc.

Applied Science International (ASI) used its Extreme Loading® technology to simulate the demolition and illustrate how the building will collapse in order to help the production team understand the hazards associated with this feat.

“The output of our engineered simulations is what can be expected to happen in reality if we are provided with the correct building plans and implosion sequence details.  What you see in the simulation is what we feel certain will occur when they take the building down,” commented ASI CEO, Edward diGirolamo.

ASI typically assists demolition contractors with presentations to local authorities and stakeholders for demolition plan approval.  Safety concerns are allayed and permits are granted more readily when the approval authority can see what will happen before it does.  The events scheduled to happen on the 30th will be putting an entirely new light on the process and reemphasizing its accuracy for safety reasons,” continued diGirolamo. 

ASI provided the engineered simulations of the demolition event to its sister company, TSNStudios who prepared it for broadcast viewing by Criss Angel’s production team.  TSNStudios is the first to bring this technology to the entertainment industry, providing demolition previsualization and visual effects for commercial use.

“While this episode of Chris Angel Mindfreak does not include any demolition visual effects rendering at our end, it was a great opportunity to be able to illustrate where science and art can come together and provide a useful product to both the demolition and the entertainment industries,” concluded diGirolamo.

To learn more about ASI and Extreme Loading® technology please visit the website  For more info on Extreme Loading applied to the entertainment industry visit and find out more about the event at or

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