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Osgiliath Tower

Using Extreme Loading Technology, we constructed an 80-foot tower and launched a rock into it.  Multiple simulations of the rock striking the building at various angles were generated to see how the tower would react to different loading scenarios. In some simulations we added a second rock, in others we added a secondary blast.  The Extreme Loading output was dressed in a popular 3D program, and composited into existing movie footage.  This is the result.

Blast Column

Typically, physics engines used in the animation and computer gaming industries are bogged down by wrangling large dynamic systems, managing a dataflow of complex events and mastering the procedural cracking and destruction of computer-generated geometry. Until now. We built this column and applied the loads. The rest is history in the making.

Spaceship Story

This story begins with four separate simulations of the port nacelle of a starship exploding in various ways.  From there we were able to choose our favorite and incorporate it into the scene.


In short, the simulation of the exploding nacelle took the least amount of time, freeing up our animators to do what they do best... dressing the scene and making it look good.  A hero object was placed amongst the simulated pieces. 

Gears Tower (original)

A simple tower is attacked.  With the particle system in place it looks like an impact, but it was actually simulated as a blast load.

Nephilim Pre-visualization
This spotlight contains previs examples from the upcoming movie Nephilim.

Gears Tower
TSNStudios' Extreme LoadingĀ® is an advanced simulation technology originally designed for structural analysis and demolition prediction, which has immediate applications for both filmmakers and VFX animators.
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